What Makes A Good Personal Trainer?

What Makes A Good Personal Trainer?

What Makes A Good Personal Trainer?

There are many factors that make a good personal trainer. It really depends on the perspective of the individual engaging the services of the personal trainer. It can vary from marketability to just simply being an “entertrainer”. In this article, I will share 6 traits in which I have observed a good personal trainer should possess.

1. Continuing Education

A good personal trainer is constantly learning. Not only in the science of training but also in nutrition, lifestyle, and consumer behaviours. This is because when we understand why our clients have certain lifestyles or why they have habits that resulted in them being in the shape they are now, only then we can help our clients move towards their goal more efficiently.

2. Problem Solving

Trainers in essence, are problem solvers. Clients come to us often with similar goals but different starting points. Throughout their journey, they will face different sets of challenges specific to their own and good trainers should be able to identify these potential challenges and propose solutions to the client so that they won’t fail on their journey this time around.

3. Accountability

A good trainer should not only keep their clients accountable, but they should be accountable to their clients themselves. Is the trainer keeping track of their client’s progress? Is the trainer asking for feedback from their clients and improving on what was mentioned? Does the trainer practice what they preach? These are some of the things that you observe from good personal trainers.

4. Results Oriented

Clients pay big money to hire personal trainers for results. A good personal trainer is one that can produce the desired results for their clients. The difference between a good trainer and a great trainer is the speed at which the results are attained. What separates great and amazing is whether the client can sustain the results on their own afterwards.

5. Patience

A good personal trainer understands that consistently practicing good habits over time is what gets results. With the instant gratification culture in our society today, it is one of the main challenges trainers faces with their clients. A good trainer must educate their clients on this value and setting small weekly checkpoints in their journey can motivate and assure their clients that they on the right path to a bigger milestone.

6. Character

A good personal trainer has a growth mindset and a positive attitude. They view challenges as opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills and they have a positive demeanour about them. Anyone that has been in the personal training industry knows that it can be tough being a personal trainer. These traits are essential when it comes to motivating and empowering clients who are struggling on their journey because they learned how to do it for themselves every single day.

by Aliff, 22
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