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Livia Faustina
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Came about Apeiro through ClassPass. The gym is spacious and has ample training equipment although still going through refurbishing right now. Trainer Gabriel is very approachable, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Can see the benefits of having a personal trainer who can guide you to your goals. Would totally recommend!
Tina R
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Gabriel is AWESOME!!! I have always been very skeptical about weight training, as i do not want to look bulky, but Gab assured me that the training wont make me bulky (unless i have male testosterone, that's his exact words!! hahaha) My trainer, Gab are very passionate about what he is doing; his knowledge about sport management and maintaining good health is really helping out a lot to stay fit. In addition to fitness, he also share nutrition diet plan and track my food intake daily. His constant motivation, encouragement and non-judgmental attitude (for newbies like me) makes me look forward to my training day. Thank you for making my gym session enjoyable ALWAYS!! ***highly recommended** Bonus - The gym is clean and not very crowded as it is a private gym for personal trainer and its client only!
Fahad QHT
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I’ve been training with Lew my personal trainer, and the past two months were Amazing, he’s the ultimate gym bro and amazing coach. Lew always push me to the limits in a good way, I’ve been able to improve my stamina strength and knowledge, he pays attention to how you react to the training system so he can tone it and to more suitable training system. Thank you Lew you did an amazing job 👍🏼
Riad Hechame
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One of the best equipped gyms in SG but more importantly able to produce fast and solid results for you.
Carrie Ho
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Hands down, one of the best gym that I ever visited! The location is great as it is located in Orchard! Within just a short walking distance, there is both Somerset MRT station and Dhoby Ghaut MRT station! Very thankful for my personal trainer, Ash, who had been always helping me to achieve my goals! In order to help me to reach my goal, Ash had planned a structured workout program and has always push me to do my best! I started off being not able to do barbell squat exercises, but now I am able to do Barbell Squats with 10kg plates on the side! Now, with the transformation results, not only do I feel stronger, but I also feel happier and more confident in myself! Both APT and Ash transformed my lifestyle! 🙂
Chuan Lim
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Trainer Lew personalized a great training regime targeted at achieving my goals of gaining strength, trimming belly fat and having a more toned and leaner physique. I like his flexibility, with training catering to injuries with alternate forms of exercises to avoid stressing injured areas.

some of our clients transformations

"Work smarter, not harder"

Prior to training with Apeiro, Foo Siew Chen used to train on her own by going to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. Each session would take her more than 1 hour, averaging about 5 hours a week.

She found that she was spending a lot of time trying to better her fitness and she wanted to see if she could achieve a greater difference with a Personal Trainer.

And she did! Siew Chen was already slim when she started. She became more toned and her muscles were more defined within 9 months.

Even better? She was training even lesser than before – contrary to her initial belief that more was better. It took her only 2 sessions a week, about an hour each session to achieve the results she wanted.

With the remaining hours freed up, she had more time for other activities that she enjoys.

And that’s the benefit of training with experienced and qualified trainers who are able to tackle their clients’ issues and needs so that they can achieve the most effective results with a shorter time.

client before after

"Got into the best shape of my life"

Epic, the guys here are great. Thanks to the team I have managed to get into the best shape of my life. It’s not just a gym but the also help with hitting goals both fitness and nutrition wise. Absolute life changing. Thank you team APT.

And by no means am I finished yet it has been an amazing journey so far. This journey has not only help me with health but with clarity of self and mind. Now I am in a way better position to achieve all my dreams and goals and truly be happy.

I have had some awesome people support and guide me. Thank you for that. Bring in the next stage.”

– Drew

"From 105kg to 78kg in 5 Months"

I have been with Apeiro Personal Training for almost 4 years and honestly cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is looking for guaranteed results.

Each and every trainer at the gym is extremely professional. They have all been educated in the field of sports training and nutrition. The Apeiro approach is also very data driven: they take bi-weekly measurements and track your weightlifting progress all of which helps keeps you accountable and truly see how far you’ve come along.

I’ve personally worked with Habib who is also the founder of Apeiro and he’s been a pivotal part of my great experience. He gives you full attention during the session and helps explain each movement form in detail. He’s been very helpful in selecting meals ahead of time for restaurant outings and is readily available to answer questions beyond the gym. When I went off track (which happens in life), he staged the necessary interventions to manage expectations and get me back on track. He’s also been very supportive in tailoring my training program during certain injuries.

Thank you to the whole Apeiro Team for the professionalism and world class experience, and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with you.

Finally, no more trial and errors in achieving your fitness goals.

Ease your journey towards attaining your goals with a dedicated, highly-qualified Personal Trainer who will help you to:

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Proven results as seen from numerous testimonials

Our case studies and testimonials speak for the effectiveness of our programs. We’ve only been around for two years but we have since helped over 100 clients achieve their goals. And we can help you too!

Premium fitness gym equipment for most effective outcome

If you want faster results, you need specialised equipment to target the different muscle groups. We’ve invested heavily on the best premium gym equipment providing the best quality experience in your PT sessions.

Highly qualified trainers with over 7 years of experience

You'll receive a customized program for your sessions and close guidance in your nutrition by our experienced PTs. We also help you keep track regularly and adjust your routine and nutrition whenever it's needed.

Convenient location & timing to suit your availability

We're located in the central area! We’re also open from 6am to 10pm, perfect for your sessions in the early mornings before work, during your lunch breaks or after work - depending on your trainer’s schedule.

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