assisted stretching

stretch therapy

Our unique Stretch Therapy is facilitated stretch and mobilisation with some deep tissue sports massage and is suitable for muscle tightness or restricted mobility that impacts your training progress or day to day activities.

Our Sports Therapist will assess your physical needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your body.

Are you feeling tight and sore?
Do you need an assisted stretch to mobilise your body and optimise your performance?

our treatments include

Active Isolted Stretch

With the perfect blend of high energy and fast-paced aerobic exercises, the META Lab program redefines the art and science of advanced fitness training. Designed by our group of experienced trainers, our META fitness regimen pushes your body to its metabolic threshold and maximizes fat burn and muscle gain.

Dynamic Body Stretch

This is the G.O.A.T fitness regimen curated by our world-class trainers who amalgamated agile, balanced, functional, and core-centric workouts into perfection. The Plyometric and Dynamic core exercises invented by our connoisseurs emphasize your vital strength and stability. They target multiple muscles and joints to enhance their strength and endurance.


With this resistance-based LIFT program, our trainers aim to restore and foster your muscles with raw strength and endurance. Our workouts offer a great way to improve your movements, speed, strength, agility, and endurance. They also assist you to achieve a better body posture and alignment.

who can benefit

The goal of our stretch therapy is to help pretty much everyone! Whether you are a regular individual suffering from fatigue, an athlete, a senior citizen, or an individual with muscle injury, we have a stretch therapy that will suit you. Whenever you need some time to yourself or a little bit of relaxation, on a day when you are recovering, or if you are feeling stiff is a good time for our stretch therapy.

what are the benefits?

roadmap to recovery

Each client is unique to us, and with this mind we will build your Stretch Therapy program around your body and your goals.

1. Consult

Talk to our experience therapist to know more about your body issues. It is vital you get the right advice to maximize your performance and recovery, which is why we do a consult before we begin our one-off sessions or a longer-term recovery regime.

2. Assess

Our therapists will go in depth to understand the issues you are facing and ensure that we address any question you may have and explain how we will approach your issues.

3. Plan

You will receive a personalized Recovery Program tailored specifically to your needs. We’ll examine your physical condition and create a recovery plan that includes passive, active-assistive, dynamic stretches, cupping, and deep tissue massage to reach your goals.

4. Treatment

You’ll leave feeling great, with our personalised treatments for your journey with us. Get the right mix of stretching out stiff and tired muscles and a deep tissue massage to soothe away all your aches and pains leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

led by our recover team

Our highly experienced team of therapists and practitioners with a unique multi disciplined, revolutionary approach, to your body.

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