Customised Training

customised training

There is something for everyone here! We take pride in our most exclusive and customized training programs for all fitness-seeking people, irrespective of demographics. Whether you are a bank professional seeking a diet control plan or an athlete who just needs the best training without any compromise, we are the one-stop-shop bodybuilding and fitness solution.

Let our customized and full fitness training, 100% customized to your fitness goals, help you build muscle, lose fat, or become more athletic.

all in one approach

Our customized training is beyond the body-building workout. This is loaded with nutrition and exercise plans, follow-along workout videos, and individual workouts, offered by our top-rated fitness experts that will provide you every bit of training you need to transform.

customisation at its peak

Get the Rest timer, exercise swapping, and workout customization for every program and full fitness plans for muscle gain, fat loss, general fitness, and athletic performance.

dietary guidelines

Change your diet along with our physical routine with the experts’ consultation and constant monitoring and accelerate your transformational journey.

personalised plan

When it comes to health and fitness goals, we all have a different body. Whether you are looking for a simple workout plan to curtail your daily calorie count or seeking the aggressive body-building solution of being a professional athlete, you have come to the right place.

Get our fast track, personalized plan, 100% tailored to your body type!

take control

Our expert fitness gurus develop customized workout plans, designed to help you work out on your own, and personally developed by them to target your most important and key fitness goals. Whether it’s about losing weight, toning specific areas, or just starting a workout, our exercise plans are fully customized to help you succeed.

easy to work with

Our expert sits with you to know you and your current level and time/availability and then provides you the exercises, directions, and a plan to perform them, in an easy format and step by step way.

experts at your service

All plans are developed by our lead trainers, who specialize in working with all kinds of clients.

periodic assessment

For even more personalized service, our fully-guided personal training assessment sessions held periodically as per your plan are conducted to determine your progress and help you move ahead with a more efficient and customized plan.

diet & supplement controls

Our experts take care of your food and supplement intake as this is one of the key influential factors towards your transformation journey.

news & Articles

Latest news, updates & information on health and fitness in Singapore. 


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